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The services below can be done independently or in conjunction with each other; however, it is highly recommended to start with the Educational Coaching Sessions to learn and understand the methodology in order to increase the effectiveness of the Somatic Energy Sessions.  

Pricing below are for individual sessions. Packages are available, as well as program pricing.

Studying at Home

Educational Coaching Sessions
In-Person or Zoom. (50 minutes) $80.

During our sessions together, you will learn the process to connect with life-source energy to begin your healing and empowerment journey. We cover a wide variety of topics including:

  • Identifying the effects of negative experiences that may still affect you and your body

  • Understanding how energy works from a scientific and spiritual standpoint

  • Connecting to, amplifying, and sustaining high vibrational frequencies 

  • Discovering your true, energetic identity (Includes basic astrology and numerology)

  • Cultivating your intuition and knowing when messages are from spirit

Reiki Therapy

Somatic Energy Healing 
In-person only. (1 hour) $100.

During our sessions together, you will learn how to feel energy in your body and align it with life-source energy to clear blocks. Negative vibrations (emotions) are stored in the body and if not cleared can cause health issues and stagnate your healing journey. Sessions include:  

  • Clearing negative energy in the Chakras with Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu

  • Working with crystals and sound vibration to align with life-source energy

  • Practicing breathing and meditation techniques to bring balance to the body

  • Calming the body and Central Nervous System (CNS) to release the excess

  • Activating energetic meridian lines to get energy flowing in the body 

Oil Massage

Raindrop Essential Oil Application

raindrop info

Reflexology Therapy

Foot Massage 40-Minute Session

get grounded, pull energy down to feet, epson salt soak massage, reflexology and calming essential oils

Disclaimer: These sessions are not therapy. Coaching is a forward-focused approach that helps individuals identify their goals and develop a plan to reach those goals. My relationship with clients is an inherently mutually beneficial partnership that ensures truth, honesty, and integrity every step of the way. My sincere hope is that I am able to inspire and encourage you on your healing journey, enable you to connect to your innate power, and live a life full of happiness, health, and love. 

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